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New Cincinnati Area Code

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If you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, get ready for a new area code. The 513 area code, one of the original 86 areas codes created by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947, is running out of numbers. As a result, the Public Service Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has announced a new area code: 283. The new code will overlay the same geographic area as the 513 code.

The new code is expected to come into effect in April 28, 2023. Starting on that date, customers requesting new phone numbers or services in the Cincinnati area may be assigned a number with the new 283 area code. However, if you already have a 513 number, you won’t have to change it.

The implementation of the new area code is not expected to have any impact on the cost of phone calls or other services. Also, customers will still be required to dial the full ten-digit phone number, including the area code, for all calls, even local ones.

The introduction of the new area code is part of a larger trend across the United States, as more and more geographic areas are running out of phone numbers. In the past, the solution to this problem was to split an area code into two or more codes, which meant that customers had to change their phone numbers. However, this solution is no longer practical, as there are simply not enough area codes available.

Instead, the new approach is to overlay a new area code onto the same geographic area as the existing code. This means that customers can keep their phone numbers while new numbers are assigned the new code. The overlay approach has been used successfully in other parts of the country, and it is expected to work well in Cincinnati too.

The introduction of the new 283 area code in Cincinnati is a necessary step to ensure that the area has enough phone numbers to meet the growing demand for voice and data services. It is important to remember that customers with 513 numbers will not have to change them. And with the overlay approach, new customers can be assigned the new code, allowing everyone to keep their existing phone numbers. So, get ready for the new 283 area code and continue to enjoy all the benefits of modern telecommunications!

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